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Marcy Davidovics, LCSW, EFT





Therapy Sessions

Marcy Davidovics Therapy is now growing to become
Davidovics Therapy Group. Click below to learn more! 


Providing psychotherapy for adults, couples, teens

Couples Therapy 

Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) for couples 

Supervision for Clinicians

Supervised over 75 students and clinicians in the Mental Health Field

Family Therapy

Family Systems & Interventions

& Workshops

EFT & other groups

Various workshops, speaker

I have had the opportunity to treat many different areas of mental health. I maintain experience treating older children, teenagers,

young adults, couples, and families. 

Finding balance is an important factor in emotional well-being and I want to help you find your equilibrium so you can be the best version of YOU.


I also have many years of experience in the observant Jewish community and have resources and cultural competence unique to this specific population. This gives me another layer of sensitivity that makes the therapeutic process that much more successful for the committed client.

Presenting Issues treated include:


  • Relationship/Marriage issues

  • Self-esteem

  • Divorce/Separation

  • Life transitions 

  • Family systems

  • Abuse (sexual, emotional, physical)

  • Loss/grief

  • Anger management

  • Addictions (for the addict and their significant others)

  • Identity

  • Anxiety/Fears/OCD

  • Neurobiology and Trauma

Marcy is a very focused and caring therapist who puts her all into everything she does. client
This isn't just a job for you.  You care about us and we can feel that.  client
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